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Viennese Ball in Budapest

Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 7:00 pm
in the Ballroom of the Hotel InterContinental Budapest

Address: 1052 Budapest, Apáczai Csere János str. 12-14. Ballroom entrance

Approved and supported by the Mayor’s Office of Vienna our Agency organizes the Viennese Ball in Budapest on November 22, in the ballroom of the Hotel InterContinental Budapest. The Viennese Ball traditionally is arranged in 21 other cities of the world, including the American continent.

For many years no Austrian Balls and for even more years no Viennese Balls have been arranged in Budapest. Now, in 2014 we wish to launch a new tradition by arranging Viennese Balls now and in the future. We express our gratitude to all those – guest and sponsors - who contribute to the re-launching of this prominent event.

We offer an occasion – and the dance floor – for all those who like and know how to dance the classic dances. As the guest of the Ball you will enjoy the music played by the National Bar Pianist Competition, the show of the professional dancers. You will hear popular and famous melodies, tunes from operettas and operas both in German and in Hungarian; you will be impressed by the performance of our ballet dancers. Following that program the stage will be taken over from the symphonic orchestra by a band composed by renowned musicians, winners of international music competitions playing the music of our times.

For whom we recommend this Ball? For all those who...

  • are interested in some form in the fostering, promotion of the bilateral relations between Hungary and Austria ,

  • wish to offer an artistic and culinary experience to their most important business partners not necessarily active in the Austrian relation. (You just need to buy the ticket, our Agency takes care of everything else).

  • who wish to invite their partners called Erzsébet (Elizabeth) or Katalin (Catherine) to an elegant name’s day program offering real enjoyment and entertainment ,

  • with their partners wish to indulge in art, dance and culinary pleasures.

Enjoy the evening!

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